Classroom Learning


Classroom learning at Lockleys Primary School is about to embark on a journey in STEM education. We acknowledge that 75% of future employment will rely on STEM skills. Therefore, learning at our school embraces the willingness of staff and students to embed STEM principles within our school culture and in our classroom teaching and learning. Our focus is on developing working mathematically, working scientifically and working technologically through design processes, making connections across Tfel, Australian Curriculum and the National Professional Standards for Teachers. Teachers at our school use design learning pedagogy to work with students to develop problems and find solutions. We believe our approach to STEM not only engages our students but also enables students to be the co-creators of the learning.

Our aim is to create opportunities for students to have a voice and choice in the problems they solve while addressing relevant outcomes for the learner. Teachers at our school provide flexible learning spaces where students can collaborate and communicate their ideas whilst building necessary interpersonal skills that are highly valued by future employers.