Lockleys Primary School has a very proud history of educating young people through the generations. The tradition of education at Lockleys started in 1916. Our school is a very friendly and community minded school, located in the western suburbs of Adelaide.  

As a small school we foster an environment in which no student goes unnoticed. As such, reputable and positive relationships are built between all parties. We are proud of our strong links to family and community and work hard to provide a safe, supportive and highly collaborative environment. 

Our school embraces cultural diversity. We encourage students to learn about and value their own ethnic and cultural backgrounds and that of their peers and develop a strong sense of identity. As a diverse school community our student body is represented by students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds with some families having had three generations of students attend our school. 

We offer a learning program that comprehensively covers the Australian Curriculum. Our current Site Improvement focus is on increasing student achievement for all in the areas of reading and mathematics. We aim to extend opportunities for students to engage with learning that challenges their thinking by refining and enhancing existing practices and establishing an agreed pedagogical approach. Teachers use targeted explicit teaching practices with a focus on the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. Students are encouraged to develop as strong independent learners who play an active part in their learning.  

Our Values

Our staff are committed to delivering a high-quality education to every student that is underpinned by our core values of Respect, Belonging, Caring and Commitment.  

Respect is having consideration for yourself, others in the school community (students, staff, parents and visitors) and the environment. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other and speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy. 

Belonging is us all working together to help all students and members of our school community feel, welcome, accepted and respected in school. 

Caring is looking after yourself, others, the school environment and all belongings by demonstrating inclusion, compassion and empathy through your words and actions. 

Commitment means everyone showing support and loyalty to members of the school community. It also means demonstrating a willingness to; support and show care for those who need help; follow our school behaviour code and to work to the best of your ability by approaching your learning with curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm and acting as a thinker and risk taker. 

Our school averages an enrolment of 110 students each year. In a smaller school no-one goes unnoticed and everyone knows everyone by name. We believe that another major asset at Lockleys is having very strong school and family links and, we believe in catering for all students.

Due to our location, we have a small number of enrolments. Directly opposite us we have the large and prestigious Kooyonga Golf Course. Adjacent, we have the Adelaide Airport, IKEA, Export Park and the Burbridge Business District. These businesses, services and facilities occupy the land other schools would normally have for residential purposes.

Lockleys is well resourced and offers learning utilising Information Technology equipment and programs, including online, iPads and laptops. We also have a vibrant chicken house and vegetable garden in our yard, which the students manage. This provides authentic learning outdoors.