School Uniform Statement

Over the years, the Lockleys Primary School Governing Council has indicated strong support for the implementation, management and review of the Lockleys Primary School dresscode. Students, staff and parents share the responsibility for the implementation and management ofthe dress code policy.


We believe that a school dress code:

  • addresses Lockleys Primary School’s core values of Respect, Belonging, Caring and Commitment
  • contributes to whole school unity and pride develops individual self esteem through the feeling of belonging
  • contributes to the development of a supportive school environment by reducing levels of competitive dressing
  • relieves parents and students of pressures to purchase high cost brand name clothing
  • develops a positive image of Lockleys Primary School in the wider community
  • assists staff, students and parents in identifying Lockleys Primary School students during excursions and in the school grounds
  • assists staff, students and parents in the identification of strangers in the school grounds, ensuring a greater level of safety maintains sufficient choice for individuals

Uniform Price List 2024