Lockleys Primary School has a proud history if education within the Lockleys, Brooklyn Park, Torrensville and Fulham area.

When Lockleys Public School was first opened in January 1916, it serviced a large area as Lockleys was the only school situated in the area from Thebarton to the sea. The opening of Lockleys Public School occurred when Fulham School closed at the end of 1915.  

Approximately 243 children were enrolled in the first year. Mr Hubert Moss was the first Headmaster and Walter R. B. Forwood was the first enrolled student. 

In 1918, the main brick building comprising 5 classrooms was built. We know this building today as ‘The Heritage Building’ even though it is not heritage listed. 

In 1950, the oval was established and was watered by the Principal of the time riding his bike around the oval with a hose.  

During 1950 – 1957 the number of students attending the school increased from 350 – 975 reaching its peak of 992 in 1959. 

In the ensuing years enrolment numbers had declined to 373 by 1969. This was due to a number of other schools opening in neighbouring districts.  

In the early 1970s Lockleys Public School changed its name to Lockleys Primary School. In 1972 the ‘Open Space Unit’ was built and opened by Mr Hudson, Minister of Education. In the same year an electric pump and sprinkler system was installed using reclaimed water at the oval. 

The Gymnasium was built in 2009 as part of the Building for Education Revolution project in the state. 

In 2012, the first wireless IT network was installed and laptops and iPads for student use. In 2022, the IT network was upgraded to meet the high demand of IT learning at the school.  

In 2018, Lockleys Primary School welcomed its first students to the South Australian Primary School International Students Program. To date we have welcomed students from, Vietnam, China, Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, America to name just a few. 

The school playground was upgraded in 2023 due to a Government Grant and the hard work of our school community to raise the remaining funds.  

Today we have a vastly multicultural population with over 20 countries of birth represented amongst our students. Prior to 2020 student numbers had risen to approximately 150 students. In 2020 the impact of Covid-19 saw numbers decrease dramatically. In addition to this, the transfer of year 7 students to High School also impacted student numbers at Lockleys Primary School. 

Lockleys has seen many advancements in education throughout its history. From slate to ink wells, to ball point pen to iPads. Many thousands of students have attended Lockleys since 1916, and today we carry on the proud history.