Year 6 students will be sent home a transition pack in week 1 of term 2 that includes: 

  • the parent information brochure for students starting secondary school  
  • copies of any secondary information brochures received from local secondary schools 
  • a copy of the letter with the child’s online form, URL or a copy of the form (if email is not an option for parents). 
Enter for Success Strategy 

The Enter for Success strategy supports the inclusion, attendance, participation and retention of Aboriginal students at school. It gives Aboriginal students the opportunity to enrol and be accepted into any government school they nominate the year before starting school. 

Year 6 students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander on their registration of interest form will be automatically included in the strategy when they participate in the department’s statewide registration of interest process for students starting secondary school (before the end of term 2). 

Online registration of interest form 

Families will be sent an email and letter with a unique URL to access the online registration of interest form. 

Every year there is a statewide transition process for students attending public secondary schools. This transition process for families starts in term 2. There are 2 stages to the process: 

  • the registration of interest process is facilitated by the primary school and year 6 Transition Team 
  • the enrolment process is managed by the secondary school your child will be attending.