The Lockleys Primary School Governing Council is an elected body of parents, carers and community members that represent the wider school community working with the Principal around governance to help set and monitor the direction of the school. 

We welcome the involvement of new parents and encourage those interested in becoming an official Governing Council member to complete a nomination form and attend our Annual General Meeting in Term 1 of the school year. Alternately if you cannot attend all our meetings, you are still welcome to come along and contribute as a non-voting attendee or join one of our sub-committees. 

What Governing Council Do

Work with the school community to provide advice to the Principal and ensure that: 

the educational needs of the school community are met. 

  • site improvement planning and strategic directions meet the community’s needs. 
  • school policies are updated  
  • we engage our school community through events and fundraising 
  • we help integrate the local community with the school  
  • we keep a check on the school’s finance 

What We Don’t Do 

  • Day-to-day running of the School 
  • Teach students  
  • Monitor individual student achievement 
  • Manage discipline 
  • Day-to-day management of staff 

Common Questions 

English is not my first language, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! Participating in our friendly meeting will help develop your English skills. 

Do I need special professional skills like finance, legal, management? 

No, not at all. 

I can’t commit to attending meetings for the entire year, can I attend every now and again? 

Absolutely, parents/guardians/care providers  can attend meetings on a casual basis. 

Will my participation make a difference? 

Yes!  We need many voices, ideas and experiences for Lockleys Primary School to continue to thrive. 

Governing Council Membership 2024

Chad Prior
Happy Haven
Jessamyn Bayder

Leah Panakera-Thorpe
Deputy Chair
Stephanie Finlay
Sharon Brightwell
Erin McSorely
Chloe Brownlow
Teacher Representatives:
Term 1 – Zahn Jennings
Term 2 – Karen Metschke
Term 3 – Julia Harris
Term 4 – Anita Thiele

Governing Council Code of Practice

Governing Council Nomination Form

Click here to visit the South Australian Association Of State School Organisations Inc. (SAASSO) website.