Welcome to the new School Year. I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday break, spending valuable time with family and friends.

I especially welcome all of the new families to Lockleys Primary School and look forward to meeting you as you participate in the many school activities that occur throughout the year.

I am very pleased and proud to be appointed Principal of Lockleys Primary School. Its positive reputation and its many successes are well respected and acknowledged in the wider community, so I feel very lucky.

I thank Mr Jason Munro and the staff for including me in much of the forward planning for my transition into the role.

As Principal, my focus is on continuous improvement and recognising what works well. As a whole staff we will take time during our first Pupil Free day on Monday the 7th March to look at the data from 2015, identifying what key strategies have been successful and what needs to be done – setting new targets and higher expectations as we, together with student and parent input, develop our future Site Improvement Plan. We will continue to focus on High Expectations, Teacher Quality and Improved Student Learning and effective community partnerships, all of which contribute to our students’ fulfilling their potential.

I have set myself a challenge to get to know each of the students at Lockleys Primary School so I will be spending time in classes and in the yard chatting and listening to their individual stories.

I have asked each class to write to me to tell me about the wonderful learning and events that occur at Lockleys and what sets them ahead of other schools. I have also asked students to inform me about the improvements that they see need to occur to improve their learning and their school. With our newly elected Student Voice we will action some of the improvements. I will take this information to staff and Governing Council for their assistance. I have put up the collated feedback in the Student Voice room so it is on display for all to see.

During the first two days at school the staff discussed and identified what we do that improves student learning and what do we need to do in the future to continue the learning. This has resulted in Classroom moves and the beginning of establishing an Early Years Learning Centre, with the R/1 class and the 2/3 class. An SSO room in the unit and a student focused room, in room 3, housing the Pastoral Care Worker, student Voice and Breakfast Club

Our Governing Council AGM is on Wednesday 24th February 7pm in the staff room. Following the AGM we will have a GC meeting where parents will also list what they would like to see, continue, stop and improve in our school.

Our Acquaintance night was on Tuesday 16th February. It gave parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet and speak with Class teachers, subject teachers and School Support Officers. It is designed to be an informal evening to get to know each other in a social setting. This year the 6/7 class demonstrated a game called Corner Spry to announce our 100 year Celebration year and completed the demonstration with a teacher vs parents vs students game.

School tours, with me, are available at any time, and can be booked in at the front office. It is a delight to show off our school and the numerous opportunities we have created to enhance student learning, staff effectiveness and community involvement.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Kindest Regards,

Fione Love


Lockleys Primary School

2017 Staff



Fione Love – Principal


Classroom Teachers 

Deb Bament – Room 1 (Reception/Year 1)

Nicole Hooke – Room 1 (Rec/Year 1 Every Friday Fortnight)

Karen Metschke – Room 2 (Year 2 / 3)

Anita Thiele – Room 4 (Year 3 / 4)

Nicole Simpson- Room 9 (Year 5 / 6)

Nicole Hooke – Room 9 (Year 5 / 6 Every Monday fortnight)

Raelene White – Room 11 (Year 6 / 7)

Specialist Teachers

Angela Vaughan – Teacher Librarian (Monday Morning, Tuesday and Wednesday Morning)

Nicole Hooke – R-7 The Arts (Tuesday)

Nicole Hooke – PE (Monday, Thursday & Friday)

Merridy McMahon – R-7 German (Thursday – Friday)

Madeline Tarzia – Women’s Group



Therese Langley – Finance and Administration

Julie Freeman – Principal Administration and Students with Disabilities Coordinator


Student Support Officer Staff

Lesley Smith (Monday – Thursday Mornings)


Pastoral Support Worker & Community Development Officer

Celeste Davies (Wednesday & Thursday)



Peter Edwards (Monday, Thursday & Friday Morning)



As Principal, my focus is on continuous improvement, and recognising what works well.

Fione Love, Principal