Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is available to all schools who successfully apply for the Government grant. Our school was fortunate to win both grants applied for in 2019. The money was spent on coaching and new sports equipment. After School Sports has been successfully conducted on Monday afternoons, allowing students to participate in developing their sporting skills, free of charge. 


Sports Day Captains

Sports Day Captains comprise of 2 captains and 2 vice captains for each house (May, Lipsett and Elston). Year 7 students nominate themselves according to set criteria of responsibilities necessary to fulfil the role of captain. Year 6 students can nominate themselves along with Year 7 students to be vice captains of their house colour. Once nominations have been made, students vote who they believe strongly meet the criteria to be the captains and vice captains for their house. Votes are calculated and the roles are finalised.

In 2016, the following students were named captains and vice captains:

Blue (Elston)



Vice Captain


Green (May)



Vice Captain


Red (Lipsett)



Vice Captain


SAPSASA Information:

For a calendar of events for SAPSASA activities in 2020 – to be confirmed