Economics and Business Education

The biggest event of our calendar is Enterprise Night. This is where every student in every class produces something to sell, or designs a stall to run at our biggest community event.

Generally there are arts, crafts, food, entertainment and sideshows to enjoy on the night. The aim of the evening is to engage the entire school community and make or do something that is profitable.

Staff, students, parents and community groups get involved in the preparation of the evening and host stalls on the night. It is always a great success. Enterprise night runs from 5:30 – 7:30pm on one night early in term 4.

Entrepreneurial thinking occurs in classrooms across the year, with enterprising projects occurring in the upper primary sector of the school.

Environmental Education

We actively participate in environmental programs in and around the school. We have an established chicken house and yard, housing 10 chickens, which is managed by our year 4/5 students. The chickens produce eggs daily and these are sold to the community for $5 a dozen.

Behind the chicken house is a vegetable garden and each class in the school has access to this. The vegetable garden grows food sources that can be used in our school cooking programs, and also for selling to the community. A multicultural garden theme is the basis of this garden.

We have an established butterfly garden at the front of our school, which has a sundial that has part of the school since 1934. The butterfly garden is designed to be a restful place to sit as well as attracting butterflies to the school yard.

We have a recycling program where all recyclable items are collected each day and stored for processing. Our groundsman takes the recycling to a depot and exchanges it for money.

Each class has a food scrap bin to feed the chickens.

Beyond the school yard we are close to the Airport, River Torrens and catchment creeks, which provide many opportunites for environmental education.

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