Breakfast Club

KickStart for Kids is the only South Australian organisation that provides a breakfast and lunch program for children in South Australia. Kick Start for Kids currently provides breakfasts and lunches to 32 schools in the Northern and Western areas of Adelaide.

During the next 12 months it is the vision of Kick Start for Kids to commence a breakfast, lunch and mentoring programs in the Southern suburbs and to also increase our footprint from 32 schools to 100. Presently, Kick Start for Kids provides around 5,000 breakfasts per week in the Northern suburbs and is aiming to double this distribution once it starts serving the Southern suburbs.

KickStart for Kids relies solely on the contributions made by both commercial sponsorships and individuals efforts. As well as the kind donations from the many sponsors, KickStart also relies on volunteers who happily collect and deliver the Breakfast Program items to the schools each week.

KickStart for Kids supplies the donated food to Lockleys Primary School for this program along with some supplies provided by the school.

Breakfast Club at Lockleys Primary School is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8 to 8:30am.

Rhiannon Loechel is responsible for co-ordinating this program with a group of parent volunteers to assist with supervision. Breakfast consists of cereal with milk, fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast with a variety of toppings and a milo drink. The group is encouraged to develop independent skills, such as spreading their toast and cleaning up.

This becomes a very social occasion for the children to have breakfast with many of their friends before going into school. Breakfast club is very well attended and all students are welcome.