Enrolment Process


General Enquiries

At Lockleys Primary School we welcome all enrolment enquiries.

We take new enrolments throughout the year (except new Reception students who have to start at the beginning of the year).

All enquiries need to be made through the front office or by contacting the Principal via email (dl.0231.leaders@schools.sa.edu.au).

All enrolment enquiries will be responded to by the Principal (or a delegated leader in the Principal’s absence).

Once you have decided to enrol, the principal will contact the child’s previous school to ensure a smooth transition. Any student who has an identified disability that attracts funding will automatically have their support transferred.

We believe in a fresh start for all students.


Are we zoned and what does zoned mean?

We are not a zoned school. We are able to take enrolments from all areas. Even if you live in the zone of another school you are able to enrol at our school.

Living in a zoned school gives you the opportunity to enrol at that school but it is not mandatory to do so. You may enrol elsewhere providing the school you want to enrol in is not zoned.


New Arrivals

Sometimes it is required that students complete a ‘New Arrivals Program’ before enrolling in a mainstream school if their English is not at a suitable standard. It is important that students are able to understand and speak a certain level of English before entering a mainstream school. In this case, we refer families to the New Arrivals Program (NAP) at Cowandilla Primary School. Once students have exited that program, they are eligible to enrol in any school and we take enrolments from NAP schools.

If you are enrolling your child from overseas and your child’s English is suitable, then you will need to provide us with the following documents when enrolling:

  • Student Passport
  • Visa Letter
  • Proof of Residence
  • Student’s Previous School Reports


Starting School


What to do if your child is about to start school

Most children will be attending preschool before starting school. The preschool will have information for you in regard to the starting school process for your child.

The first step is to ensure you have made an informed choice about the school your child is going to attend. The best way to do this is to make an appointment with our principal who will take you on a tour of the school. You will be able to view our facilities and see classes in action. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have.

Once you have made a decision you can complete an enrolment form (available from the front office or from the download page of our website).

Once you have enrolled, a booklet with school information will be provided to you.

We will liaise with the preschool your child is attending to ensure a smooth transition.

There are two transition visits in the term prior to starting school. During these visits children will have the opportunity to meet their teacher (if possible) and to meet their classmates that they will be learning with. Transition visits are usually on Wednesday mornings in the three weeks prior to the last week of term.

1st transition visit is from 9:00am until 12:00am. There will be an opportunity to ask further questions and to meet other parents.

2nd transition visit is from 8:45am until 12:00am. During this visit there will be a teacher acquaintance session.

A letter will be sent to you confirming days and times.

The school Pastoral Care Worker and Principal will visit your child’s kindergarten before the transition days.

Parenting SA Brochure on Starting School


School Handbook

New handbook coming soon



While the front office of the school actually faces Elston Street we suggest that it may be easier and safer when visiting Lockleys Primary School to park on May Terrace and walk through the school to the front office. Parking is available on Elston Street but the street is narrow and can become congested at times.

We ask that you do not park in the staff car park as there is limited space for staff.

Please also be mindful of parking over or too close to people’s driveways as we do get complaints from the local residents.

It is important to obey the street signs and road markings as a safety priority to our students. Furthermore the streets bordering the school are regularly monitored by the local council parking inspectors and fines have been issued.