Parent Involvement

Involvement in our school by parents and carers helps students achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

You can participate in school, both formally and informally, through our Governing Council, committees, and volunteering to support a variety of aspects of our school life.

There are many opportunities available for parents who wish to volunteer, helping in school activities such as:

  • excursions and school events
  • assistance with reading and mathematics programs
  • participation in a range of whole school activities
  • fundraising ventures
  • conducting after school sports coaching
  • garden development

You don’t need any particular qualifications or experience – we are looking for enthusiastic parents who want to help improve the learning outcomes for all students. Speak to your child’s class teacher if you can help out.

Under new legislation to volunteer in the school you will need to have a National Police History Check. Forms for this are online or available at the school. When you have completed a form please return it to the school and we will send it in for you.



There are currently several students at our school who have severe peanut/nut allergies. For these students exposure to nuts in ANY form, could trigger an anaphylactic reaction – requiring an immediate injection of adrenalin, ambulance attendance and possible hospitalisation.

Parents and caregivers are requested NOT to send food to school that contains nuts. This includes peanut paste, nutella, all nuts and peanut oil, as well as food containing nuts.

While we cannot monitor what you send to school with your child we ask you to please be aware of other children with nut allergies and try to avoid sending anything with nuts in it to school.