Canteen Menu

Canteen Price List 

Days Open

We are temporarily using the Airport Road Deli for lunch orders on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Canteen Price List has their current menu, please make sure you use this as has different options and pricing from last years Canteen menu.

We have created a survey to enable parents to have a say in who will provide lunch orders on Mondays and Wednesdays going forward. Please click here to take part.

Students may order their lunch by putting their lunch bags and money in the classroom lunch basket. Monitors will deliver the basket to the canteen and return it to the classroom at eating time.

On Fridays, students have the chance to order Subway for lunch. Orders and money are collected in the same way as for the canteen.  Subway orders are collected from the school by 9:30am and delivered back to the school in time for lunch.  Subway order forms are available from the classroom or the front office.

Department for Education Right Bite

The Right Bite policy classifies food and drink into three categories according to their nutritional or ‘healthy eating’ value.